Independent Contractors

Employers often improperly classify their workers as independent contractors (“1099s”) so that they do not have to pay payroll taxes, and do not have to comply with California law on minimum wages, overtime, meal periods and rest breaks, or reimbursement of their workers’ business expenses.

Additionally, a misclassified worker has no workers’ compensation coverage if injured on the job, no right to protected leaves of absence, no unemployment insurance, no health insurance and other employee benefits, no legal right to organize or join a union, and less protection from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace.

At Witt Law Firm, we protect the rights of workers that have been cheated out of proper compensation, overtime, meal and rest breaks, workers compensation coverage, health insurance and other employee benefits as a result of being unlawfully misclassified as independent contractors.  If your company classifies you as an independent contractor or “1099” and you believe that your rights have been violated, please contact our office immediately for a free consultation.



I was pleasantly surprised with her ability to separate facts from feelings, and stand firm in her resolve. After receiving couple of refusals by the other party to do the right thing, I truly felt that the case would be resolved in court. Instead Attorney Witt called me a few days ago, and informed me that my check was in the mail. I feel that I won twice. I won by standing up for myself, and by getting my hard earned money back. I definitely recommend Attorney Sheila M. Witt if you are looking for a caring, energetic, fair and focused attorney. Anonymous



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